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Helical IT introduces Helical Scrunch to solve ETL issues

Making business deals more profitable among clients from different IT and business sectors, Helical IT Solutions has recently introduced Helical Scrunch, in order to solve the existing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) issues faced by the companies. Helical IT Solutions is an open source DWBI company, which is known to offer simple and affordable solutions, suitable for business users.

At an event held at New Delhi recently, Nitin Sahu, Co-founder, Helical IT Solutions, had this to say:

“We are really excited to launch Helical Scrunch which will further lessen the complications which exists in ETL Solutions, thus resulting   in saving time and resource requirement and creation of much better high quality enterprise   ETLs. We have been working on this product for the past 3 months. This will be a new revolution   in the way ETLs are created and used”.

The Helical Scrunch has been designed with different features and values, helping developers with all the possibilities and resources they require. It also ensures that the existing job availability and reusability.

Helical Scrunch has an extensive set of controls, helping an end user/IT admin via web interface. The control it provides to users and admins also includes controlling and configurations capabilities without opening ETL job, monitor data flows, controlling what to execute what not to execute etc.

High-end visualization in the form of web components, one can easily monitoring and and analyze the working. Some of the useful features in Helical Scrunch include alert and notifications system. It helps to create different kind of configurable alerts and notifications when required.

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