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Healthcare in the Electronics World

It used to be that you had to make a doctor’s appointment anytime you needed to see a healthcare specialist. Not anymore. Today, the mobile health industry is flourishing and shows no signs of slowing down.

These days, you can find thousands of wellness and healthcare apps on the market. Healthcare developers are becoming more conscious of people’s needs and conditions when they’re building their apps. There are telenursing apps that allow nurses to virtually care for people with infectious diseases and there are other apps that allow you to see a doctor right from the comfort of your own home using your computer. Some doctors are even offering healthcare finance options now to make it a bit financially easier for you to see a doctor even when you don’t have insurance. And that’s both in the office and online.

While wellness apps can track and maybe even enhance the health of those using them, health apps are a type of software that can do things like diagnosing, tracking, and possibly even treating a variety of diseases.

Let’s talk a bit about some of them.


This is an app for those having heart issues. You might use this with your regular cardiologist or with an online one. It essentially uses your smartphone as an electrocardiogram machine. You simply snap it right on the back of your iPhone. Once you’ve done that, you press it onto your skin right near your heart. This can be critical in the early detection of an irregular heart rhythm.

Diabetes Manager

Instead of checking WebMD on your Amazon Alexa device, you need to see a doctor for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Once you’ve done that though, Diabetes Manager is a good app for you to use. It captures your blood glucose readings and transmits them in real-time. The WellDoc (manufacturer) system then analyzes your data and offers you a personal coach that can assist you with treatment and medication management. It also identifies those areas where you need the most help.

Welch Allyn iExaminer and Ophthalmoscope

While there are plenty of apps that are meant to find lower prescription prices, they aren’t really meant for things like glasses and contacts. However, there are apps like this one that can help with eye problems. This one has been designed to make detection of conditions like glaucoma or retinal detachment easier. The device plugs right into most models of smartphones, and the app itself allows your provider to store the captured images to your file or even to print or email them.

Gauss Pixel

This is an app that aims to provide nurses and doctors with a method of accurately measuring how much blood is lost during surgical procedures. It isn’t necessarily for the patient’s use, but good to know about nonetheless. The medical professional will take pictures of whatever surgical sponges might have been used in the procedure using an Apple device and the app then computes how much blood has been lost.

Without this app, the amount of blood that’s lost is typically done by nurses retrieving these sponges and estimating the amount they’ve absorbed. In other words, there isn’t a truly accurate way of doing this.

Today, many of us use health and wellness apps to keep a closer eye on what’s going on with our bodies. This means storing a lot of our personal medical information on our devices. That’s a good thing because, in the event of an emergency, that information is readily available to health professionals. The thing is, nobody else should have access to that type of information. If you’re using apps of this nature, well done, but be safe about it. Make sure you keep your device locked and that you also have antispyware programs to make sure that your info stays safe.

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