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 Has Samsung succeeded in maintaining Galaxy Note 8/9 free from fire?

Everyone might have come across the breaking news of recalling Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the 10 of October 2016. In fact, you might be one amongst the people who experienced the adversity of the phone. The battery defects were learned to be lack of manufacturing efficiency. In fact, the replaced phones faced the same problem due to some preventable manufacturing mistakes. About 3 million phones were recalled that had cost the company up to $5 billion.

This loss was considered to be less compared to the loss of trust the company face following the massive failure. Every Lithium-Ion battery carries a flammable liquid inside them. If the battery is inefficient, there are high chances of ignition. And now after two years of the massive recall, you might actually wonder if the next product, Samsung Note 8/9 offers anything close to safety.

How the Company Defined the Exact Problem?

  • The first step Samsung did was to build testing labs in all the places where they have their manufacturing units, i.e., China, Vietnam, South Korea, Gumi, Huizhou, Hanoi, and Tianjin.
  • More than 700 engineers dedicated to the investigation process and tested above 2,00,000 devices with batteries and above 30,000 independent batteries.
  • The engineers of Samsung tested the hardware, software, quality, manufacturing, assurance, and supply.
  • Since no defects were detected in the entire process of manufacturing the device, the focus was now laid upon the batteries of the device.
  • It was later found that the batteries had caused the ignition which was a manufacturing defect as well as lack of high-end testing facilities from Samsung.

What did Samsung do to Tackle the Problem?

  • Samsung initiated an eight-point battery inspection process. The tests that were implemented are:

Durability Test

The company checked the durability of the battery at extreme temperatures, battery over-charge, and when punctured by a nail.

X-Ray Test

This test was conducted to check the abnormalities of the battery (if any).

Charging and Discharging Test

The company put the batteries in extreme charging and discharging conditions and dismantled the batteries to check the overall quality of the batteries.

Other Tests

Other tests included checking the complete device including the battery leakage and battery voltage.

  • The successor of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 9 was launched after this eight-point battery inspection process.
  • Apart from the battery inspection, Samsung took up global analysis of their approach and increased the safety of lithium-ion batteries.
  • The company now makes sure that the batteries are pushed to extreme conditions including X-Ray bombardment, dismantling, and leakage checking by both the battery suppliers as well as Samsung.
  • Samsung mentioned that even if one battery from a batch is found to be damaged, the entire batch is thrown out. This leads to a 3% damaging of monthly shipments.
  • The company claims that this testing procedure has gone well and above the standards of the industry.
  • Additionally, renowned safety standard company UL (Underwriters Laboratories) now tests and certifies Samsung Galaxy Not 8’s batteries.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9 Specs included smaller battery storage, i.e., 3300 mAh instead of 3500 mAh that were used in Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
  • Also, the company provided more space around the battery in Samsung Note 7 along with ‘guardrails’ for added protection.

Although Samsung worked really hard to improve the quality of their service by entirely eliminating the chances of the phone catching fire, there is a 1:106 chance of the phone getting exploded if anything goes wrong. But such a minimal ratio can never be a reason not to ignore the benefits that Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9 offers.

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