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HARMAN Unveils Latest Innovations at HARMAN EXPLORE 2023: Bringing Meaningful Technology Experiences Across Global Enterprises

HARMAN’s Digital Transformations Solutions (DTS) Business Unit, a strategic business dedicated to blending the physical and digital to make business technology more dynamic, today showcased its latest innovations during the HARMAN EXPLORE at CES Showcase. Starting January 4th through January 6th at the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas, HARMAN DTS will offer live demonstrations of its Life-ware technology solutions that are built with a customer-first mindset to deliver a holistic and meaningful technology experience across global enterprises.

On display will be a range of innovations by HARMAN DTS, to deliver digital solutions that drive better outcomes for the end consumers. These solutions are designed to meet modern enterprise technology needs – including 5G, Cloud, IoT, and AI/ML innovations – in addition to solutions designed to meet industry-specific challenges such as managing the continued influx of healthcare data and maintaining pace with ecommerce innovation.

In addition, HARMAN DTS will unveil two new offerings – DefenSight, a cybersecurity solution that offers real-time intelligence monitoring and remediation, and the Intelligent Healthcare Platform which enables the creation of digital care pathways to monitor the health of patients outside of the clinical setting. Each solution on display is designed to create an exceptional technology experience, whilst also delivering cost savings and innovative management solutions to help clients maximize their digital journey.

“At HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions, we create cutting-edge technology solutions that drive exceptional outcomes for our customers”, said Nick Parrotta, President – DTS and CDIO, HARMAN.  “At HARMAN EXPLORE 2023, we’re excited to showcase our latest digital solutions that simplify and enrich everyday life. From our products incorporating AI, IoT and 5G to our business solutions that involve building cloud platforms or cybersecurity platforms – we remain focused on being a trusted innovation partner for customers across verticals, to understand complex challenges and make technology more dynamic to address them.”

During the HARMAN EXPLORE CES Showcase at the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas, attendees can experience the following demonstrations:


DefenSight is a cybersecurity platform that quickly and accurately identifies the most vulnerable systems through continuous monitoring for compliance of enterprise IT systems against security policies. By triangulating internal systems data with external threat data in innovative ways, the new platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in order to reduce cost, complexity and time needed to remediate enterprise vulnerabilities.

Intelligent Healthcare Platform

Intelligent Healthcare Platform is designed to help healthcare and life sciences enterprises in their journey towards customer centric services by seamlessly transforming their data, analytics, intelligence, and governance functions in a secure, cost effective and privacy preserving manner. The platform is designed to be future-proof and is capable of meeting current demands – while evolving to meet new digital experiences in the future.

IoT in a Box

IOT in a BOX is a platform to implement and onboard smart devices of the enterprises in an easy manner with a guided wizard approach. The platform enables easy configuration of the devices and connectivity to cloud platforms to push the telemetry data and bring IOT to the enterprises.

HARMAN Cloud Hub

Cloud Hub is an agile and extensible Cloud Management platform with self Service catalog for automated provisioning of different custom-built cloud images for end users. It provides control over costs by defining the operation time window and flexibility to modify instances based on utilization, visibility into the current environment and assets across all regions and project costs performance, optimize resources while keeping it engaging and interactive with project teams using gamification and reporting on cloud assets usage.


HARMAN 5G lab offers device feature and functional testing covering 4G, 5G (Sub-6 and mmWave) frequencies along with AT&T 10776 certification. It is an End-to-End 5G Private Network offering with Samsung RAN and Core and HARMAN connectivity management platform for both consumer and M2M devices along with AI/Analytics driven use cases.