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HappyChick Emulator – The All-In-One Gaming Emulator for iPhone and Android

While there are plenty of game emulators available these days, most are not worth a first look, let alone a second one. HappyChick emulator app is one of the few that offers users everything they could possibly want in an emulator and, with support for at least 18 consoles (PPSSPP, Nintendo, PlayStation, etc.) it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

How to Download HappyChick on iOS:

You cannot download HappyChick straight to your device, and you won’t get it in the iOS app store. Instead, you need to install a popular unofficial app store called AppValley first. Not only will you get access to this cool emulator, but you will also get thousands of other apps and games to download too.

  1. Using the Safari browser, download AppValley using the linked guide
  2. Launch AppValley from your home screen and search for HappyChick
  3. Tap the emulator and follow the on-screen instructions to download it
  4. Enjoy!

How to Use HappyChick for Playing Games:

HappyChick offers a simple way of playing console games, regardless of which console your game is on:

  1. Open HappyChick from your homepage
  2. Allow the app to set up and create your account
  3. Sign in, go to the home screen and choose the console you want
  4. A list of games for that console will appear, choose one and tap on Download
  5. Most of the games in HappyChick come via the cloud, but sometimes you might need to find a link – tap Search for Download Sources and tap on a link
  6. Now choose your gamepad – for a free one, choose GAMESIR or tap on Select Other if you want a custom one installed
  7. Wait for the game to be installed and enjoy it

There are no limits to the number of games you can install in this way. And now, with the addition of OTG support, you can even save and play them directly from an external hard drive.

HappyChick Features:

  • It’s free
  • User-friendly and easy to download
  • No need to jailbreak
  • Supported on iOS 10 and higher
  • Also works on Android devices, TV boxes and some smart TVs
  • Supports gaming for more than 18 consoles
  • Huge choice of games, from retro favorites to the latest blockbusters
  • You need at least 2 GB RAM on your device to get the best experience
  • Supports Online Multiplayer gaming and LAN support for Wi-Fi free multiplayer gaming
  • The cloud is used to store data so syncing between devices is simple
  • Cloud server hosting ensures safe and fast downloads
  • One-click play – play any console game without having to install multiple emulators
  • Customizable game controls and game maps
  • You can even record your gameplay and use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to share it with others
  • Loads more features

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here we provide the answers to the common questions about the HappyChick emulator

How Do I Activate HappyChick?

For the most part, all downloads from HappyChick are automatic, but when you use the emulator for the first time, you may need to provide an activation code:

  1. Launch happychick.hk and look for the file corresponding to your particular device – download it
  2. Next, open your browser’s download page, and there will be an activation code
  3. Copy and paste that code to the app homepage
  4. Click on Submit, and your device will be verified. HappyChick will open, and you can get on with using it

Can I Update HappyChick?

Yes, and there are two ways of doing it. Go into the HappyChick settings and enable the Auto Update option or, when the developer sends an update notification, tap it, and follow the instructions.

HappyChick Keeps Crashing – How Do I Fix it?

This is a device performance issue, and the best way of resolving it is to free up some space and resources on your device. Simply delete unwanted apps, files, and put your media files onto external storage. You can also clear the app cache, and you should find it stops crashing.

Can I Save My Games?

Save points are automatically registered with any game you play. To save a game, pause it and click on Save and, when you want to start playing again, click on Start from Save Point.

Is it Safe?

Yes, HappyChick is very safe to use.  The app is developed by Xiaoji Studios, and they monitor the app to make sure there are no safety issues with it. You don’t need to jailbreak, and you don’t need any special permissions for downloading it either.

And is it Free?

Yes, it is, and there are no in-app purchases to worry about either. There are no hidden charges, and it will always be free to use.

HappyChick is one of the most versatile and comprehensive game emulators; it’s free. No jailbreak is needed, so download it and enjoy your favorite console games on the go.

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