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Happy Teachers Day Special: Apps Teachers and Educators must use

Today, on 5th Sept the entire world is celebrating Teacher’s Day. This is for all the loving, kind, helpful teachers who are working amazingly towards the development of youth’s career. I have curated the best apps for teachers that can lead to greater student engagement and expansion of learning hours.

A teacher’s work area involves a lot of tasks from preparing class lessons to maintenance of attendance and even maintaining the performance records of students. Behind every student’s success there is always a teacher. There are various useful apps that would help teachers harness students’ knowledge with ease.


Flow of Education happens not only in class but even beyond that. This app enables teachers to save articles, videos and all the important web content relating to class lectures. Teachers can look up to the saved matter instantly within no time through this app. Not only this, the saved content can be viewed in offline mode too.

The articles can be presented in a very easy to view layout that enhances the teachers reading experience. A special sharing feature allows teacher to share the saved meaningful content with the students. Pocket app has made sharing and communication between teachers and students easier than ever before.

Price: Free | Availability: Android | iOS


Dropbox is an app with terrific services. This app enables you to upload and save presentations, videos, lecture lessons, assignments and a lot more stuff required by teacher to access during classroom and even outside. Through this dedicated app teachers can directly share the file links with the students rather than mailing the entire file. This avoids creating a clutter of files in student’s mailbox.

The teachers and educators can simply edit the saved Microsoft documents file without requiring the laptop, directly through this app. The app acts as a saviour for teachers in case of emergency requirement of any data.

Price: Free | Availability: Android | iOS

Creative Writing Prompts:

Emergence of creative thoughts while writing is a tedious tasks. This app helps to overcome this task. When you are at the starting to learn ropes, Creative Writing Prompts app helps both the teachers as well as the students. The dedicated app provides more than 1,000 starting lines along with some unique prompts that are designed for the sole purpose of improving one’s writing. Through Creative Writing Prompts you can even save and then later share your writing through various social media platforms.

This is the best way to communicate you thoughts and get feedback. The teachers can communicate the daily class reminders and to do’s with the students through this app with ease.

Price: Rs. 190/- | Availability: iOS


Apart from the drawback of low level interface, eBackpack app excels in areas where other communication tools fail. Teachers can not only share class assignments and notes through this app but can even use the designated app tools to grade student’s assignment. The grades can directly be shared to each student through the app directly.

Teachers can even upload images and videos sharing feedback with students regarding their assignments. The other two unique features that aids the teachers are Classroom discussions and chat functionality.

Price: Free | Availability: Android | iOS


Unlike the above mentioned apps ClassDojo is not a class management app. This app acts as a platform for teachers through which they can share student’s feedback. Teachers share positive feedback for motivating the students to perform even better. By passing suitable comments like ‘keep it up’, ‘improving’ etc. teachers tend to elaborate on students behaviour. Teachers can even share student’s feedback with their parents publically as well privately. This helps the parents to get a fair idea about their child’s performance. Use of this app in schools and universities shall save the time of preparing Newsletter too.

Price: Free | Availability: Android | iOS

Teacher’s Assistant Pro: Classroom management notes

We can derive the meaning from the name itself. This app acts as an Assistant to the teachers as it helps them in maintaining classroom notes handy. This app also allows the teachers to keep the record of the behaviour sets of each student separately. A quick method can be uploaded by the teacher to overcome the bad behaviour issue of any student. Through the dedicated app’s main interface teachers can directly email and report any such incident to their parents.

Price: Rs. 370/- | Availability: iOS


Edmodo allows teachers and students to continue their discussion even after the school is over or even during off days. Teachers can share the subject contents with the students and vice-a-versa. Not only this both Educators and students can share some new ideas, topics, assignments etc. with each other. Teachers can even share the grades with the students via this useful app.

Not yet completed here, through this app teachers can even conduct polls and quizzes to collect students opinion and performance feedback. Another valuable app linking teacher- student communication.

Price: Free | Availability: Android | iOS

Teacher Aide Pro 2:

Teacher Aide Pro 2 is the Android version of Teacher’s Assistant Pro. This app enables teachers to keep a track of students’ attendance as well as other related student information. Each students database is maintained under this app. Teachers can easily retrieve a particular student and their parents contact information on clicking a particular student’s name.

The teacher can directly contact the student and his/her parents via call or email, directly through this app. This app has a unique gradebook function through which teachers can assign different weights to different projects/assignment.

Price: Rs. 1299/- | Availability: Android


Educreations is a highly interactive white board app that makes learning and teaching fun. Using this app teachers can create easy to understand tutorials for students. It allows teachers to add diagrams to theory, add step by step commentary, add simple interesting animations and can even add small audio/video supporting the subject matter. Teachers would even be capable of sharing videos, audios and other stuff through Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.

Price: Free | Availability: iOS


Through ScreenChomp teacher can outline and narrate their idea in a presentable form on their iOS smartphone. Recording and sketching out narrations becomes very easy through this dedicated app. Teachers can share the important recorded presentation with students and other educators via this app very easily. Only sharing the URL of the content shall solve the purpose rather than sharing the entire file.

Price: Free | Availability: iOS

Well, all the above mentioned apps has its own relevance in some or the other way. Being a teacher or Educator involves a lot of responsibilities added to it. Teachers and Educators can use these app for fulfilling all their responsibilities with ease.

So teachers, what are you waiting for? Download these enlightening apps and make your teaching life easier. At last I would like to wish all the inspiring and loving teachers around the Globe a very Happy Teachers Day!