Happinetz Product 2 scaled Happinetz Product 2 scaled

Happy Parents Lab is gearing up to unveil its first internet filter device “Happinetz Box” on 31st July 2023

Pune based tech startup, Happy Parents Lab is all set to launch their first product Happinetz Box that provides Safe Internet for Kids by connecting to the home router, wired or wirelessly. Once connected, it creates a separate WiFi network. Parents can easily manage kids’ internet access on the Happinetz WiFi. It does not affect the home WiFi or devices connected to it.

The device filters out age-inappropriate content and phishing attacks by tracking more than 110 million website domains and apps across the internet. It pre-emptively blocks more than 22 million adult and unsecured sites.

It comes with a personalized screen time manager that helps parents set internet screen time schedules for children.

Happinetz supports parents in guiding their children’s digital journey responsibly. With its focus on safety, security, and ease of use, Happinetz becomes an indispensable tool for modern parents in the digital age. The box works on all kinds of devices such as iOS & Android phones, Smart TVs, laptops, etc and also in every browser, even in incognito mode.