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Happy Friendship Day 2015 Gift Ideas for Geek Friend under Rs. 1,000

Nokia P1

International Friendship Day is a special day for celebrating friendship. It is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of August and is most popular among the youths. Friendship Day is the perfect day to convey to your friends and show them how much you love and care about them. The day is popular for swapping Friendship bands, cards, chocolates and gifts. Popular e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon offers a wide range of gift items on this special occasion.

Let your techie or geek friends know that you know them the best and choose gifts perfect for them. We ensure that you have the best items accessible online perfect for each and every one of them. Go ahead and make someone feel special with the perfect gift.

Power Banks

Power Banks can be a perfect gift for your techie friends, who love and die for tech gadgets and gears. Power Banks is not limited to techie friends; you can also gift them to your other friends, who don’t have much craze towards gadgets and all.

At present, more than 90% of the world’s population uses smartphones and what I think is that smartphones now must be enlisted in the basic needs of human beings. There is a most common and irritating problem with all those flagship smartphones is their short battery life. And, this is where Power Banks come in action.

So, today on the special occasion of Happy Friendship Day 2015, we’re here with some of the best and branded power banks under Rs. 1,000, which can be a perfect gift for your friends.

Power Bank Names Capacity Price See It
Intex IT-PB10K Blue & White 10,000mAh Rs. 998 Check Now
Sony CP-F10L  Black 10,000mAh Rs. 999 Check Now
Sony PB574SJG Gold 10,000mAh Rs. 999 Check Now
Huawei Honor Grey 13,000mAh Rs. 1,399 Check Now
Asus Zen Power Silver 10,050mAh Rs. 1,678 Check Now
ADATA PT100 Black & Green 10,000mAh Rs. 1,399 Check Now

Fitness Band

Fitness Band Names Price See It
Xiaomi Mi Band Rs. 999 Check Now
Kingfisher Premium Black Rs. 3,300 Check Now

Branded Earphones

Earphones Names Price See It
JBL Tempo J01U Wired Headphones Rs. 785 Check Now
Sony MDR-EX110LP Wired Headphones Rs. 780 Check Now
SkullCandy S2IKDZ-133 Headphone Rs. 899 Check Now
Logitech UE100BLU Wired Headphones Rs. 675 Check Now
Sennheiser CX 180 Street II Rs. 934 Check Now
JBL Inspire 100 WNU Stereo Headphones Rs. 1,323 Check Now

So, the above-mentioned products and devices are some of the worth buying and budget Friendship Day Gifts items, which you can offer to your best friends and partners, whom you really care about. So, our team wishes you Happy Friendship Day 2015.