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‘Haha’ trumps others as the most popular laugh expression on Facebook


California – The most frequent laugh expression on Facebook Inc is ‘haha’ which is ahead of ‘lol’, ‘hehe’ and ’emoji’ according to a new study.

Research has revealed that most people were haha-ers (51.4%), followed by emoji folk (33.7%), the hehe-ers (12.7%) and the lol-ers (1.9%).

Facebook researchers examined posts and comments made on the social networking site in the last week of May with minimum one string of characters matching laughter.

They performed the matching using regular expressions that spotted laughter in the text including variants of lol, emoji, hehe and haha.

It was discovered that laughter was quite frequent with 15% of folk including laughter in a comment or post.

Age, geographical location, and gender determined laughter length and type. Women and younger men favored emoji while men favored longer ‘hehes’.

Folks in New York and Chicago were inclined to emoji whereas folk in San Francisco and Seattle were inclined to hahas.

The researchers came up with the study after Sarah Larson of The New Yorker released an article regarding e-laughter as well as their social subtleties.

In case you are a visual person, Facebook has released charts and graphs to illustrate how people laugh online.

Online social norms are shifting, and a recent Facebook study shows that folk aren’t utilizing the term to laugh-out-loud anymore.

And hehe too had an advantage over lol. Laughter expressed via symbols was ranked second as its convenient to convey any expression felt in our life at a particular moment.

A single emoji is used half the time while it’s unusual for folk to include over five identical successive emoji. Lol nearly always stands alone while ‘lolz’ and ‘loll’ are a rare occurrence.

The maps indicate that haha and hehe hold sway on the west coast, emoji is preferred in the Midwest and southern states favorite is lol.

US Presidential candidates can leverage this information regarding social preferences for laughter expressions to their advantage.

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