Colin Furze is not a regular backyard scientist though he works in his backyard and fabricates inventions that have never been thought of. An engineer by profession, Furze has a reputation for digging into junk and pulling wackiest stuff possible. He is a Youtuber as well and has an enormous following.

Furze has pulled out some remarkable stuff, no his inventions do not include a cloud generator or greenhouse gas eliminator. A jet kart sure is a crazy invention right out of Colin’s brain.

He recently developed a hover bike sponsored by Ford and posted a video riding it. The hover bike looks nothing like a bike. It has two rotors that generate enough thrust to levitate a person on the machine to at most a feet high. Sounds crazy right!

The hover bike looks quite close to a sci-fi movie artefact. It barely has a seating position and is controlled by the rider’s weight balancing skills over a pretty narrow section of steel. Furze himself had to go through practice sessions to finally ride it ‘like he owns it’.

Don’t miss the firework show. Here’s the video.