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Great American Total Solar Eclipse Could Be Most Viewed Event


The great total solar eclipse will be visible in the US in August 2017 after almost four decades. The solar eclipse will darken the skies starting from Oregon up to South Carolina. The event is much expected and more than 200 million, who live in the path of totality, where the moon’s shadow will pass between the Earth and Sun, will get a chance to experience the historical event.

In the ancient past, people have associated the total solar eclipse with strange omens that could signify the wrath from God or the end of the world. But the scientists have enabled the populace to understand what happens exactly during those moments. With advanced tools, modern people are now well prepared to witness the major event.

The August eclipse sadly will fall on the most inaccessible path. Most of the path for the total eclipses will fall over the water bodies or in the most unpopulated regions in the US. But people are already grouping themselves in cities and towns that would give them a direct view of the eclipse. The awaited event will be famous in the history as the first total solar eclipse that covers the US.


According to the NASA scientists, the celestial event is a great opportunity to engage the public in the unusual episode that has shaped the human population for thousands of years since the world was formed. People are encouraged to have a clue on the space science and astronomy by participating in the much-awaited occurrence.

There are millions and millions of people who will not get the chance to come directly in the path of totality due to time and money constraints but with advanced equipment and other technologies, they would access the event through other means. The public is however warned never to watch directly at the sun by use of binoculars or telescopes that have no proper protective gears and filters.

The direct sunlight could cause severe damage to the eyes. The totality duration will vary from one place to another but it will take about two minutes, 40 seconds around the border between Illinois and Western Kentucky.