Government releases Hindi Atlas Book on India’s Space Missions

The Government of India has released the first Hindi Atlas Book that reveals details about the country’s space missions. Government officials claim that the book will play a key role in providing awareness to people on India’s successes in space missions.

Union minister, Jitendra Singh oversaw the official release. He pointed out that having the book printed in Hindi is an important stepping stone towards making sure that more people get to know about the space missions and how big an achievement they are.

Mr. Singh also pointed out that India’s efforts in space endeavors are appreciated all over the world, but local awareness can be best achieved through the Hindu language.

He also noted the highly successful Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) whose findings were also shared with advanced countries. Mr. Singh’s jurisdiction in the government includes space, atomic energy, public grievances, personnel, and pensions.

Over the next few years, India’s space technology is expected to become more advanced and competitive on a global scale. It is thus expected to attract attention from other scientists from around the world as well as encouraging cohesion and synergy between India and other countries.

The country’s efforts in space technology are also expected to open more career opportunities for young Indian scientists who wish to work in major space organizations such as NASA.

The book will go a long way in motivating people especially young minds to overcome the barriers of their backgrounds and pursue ambitious goals especially those related to STEM careers.

Using Hindi as an instructive language will also eliminate the language barrier especially for those who wish to give their input in space missions and technologies but lack a proper understanding of English.

Minister Singh commended the department if Atomic energy and the department of space for collaborating to compile the content for the book in Hindi. He stressed the government’s growing support and push for Hindi to be used as a formal language in different departments.

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