The government of India to launch website to create and deploy security apps

The government of India has announced the launch of a website that encourages and promotes applications that offer better security for users, an official press release from the Ministry of Home Affairs has said.

According to the press release, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has decided to launch the security app-based web portal to encourage innovation in the field of security-related web application. The web portal will be accessible at an easy to remember URL,

The portal will be open to any individual developer, company, student and NGOs to develop and release security apps that the people may find useful for better security. Users on the website will be able to browse through the available security applications to choose the ones that best suit their needs.

The press release reads, “The MHA will give priority on this website to host such applications which provide security in emergency situations to women, children, senior citizens and other vulnerable groups.” It added that apps that can be used to monitor, detect and report cyber crime and objectionable content posted on the web will also be eligible to be posted on the new portal.

There will be a group of experts who will be screening all the security applications that will be submitted for approval on the portal. The statement said, “An expert group constituted by MHA will also evaluate the application on parameters like usefulness, innovation, public acceptance, technology used, maintenance, updation and feedback mechanism.”

Given that security — both online and in real life — is a growing concern for Indian citizens, such an initiative to promote and encourage innovation in the field of security related applications will definitely be fruitful for both the app developers and end users.