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Got a New Cell Phone? Learn How to Take Proper Care of It

The cell phone is a very important component of our everyday lives, especially now during the pandemic quarantines and social distancing. Cell phones are the primary way we can stay in touch. Many of you have invested good money to get a cellphone that has all the latest features and suits all your needs. So it is only practical that you should ensure that the cellphone is well taken care of so that it can provide you with longer, more consistent service.

Find the Perfect Phone for You

Before you go out and buy a new phone, you need to first identify what features you need it to have. The design and overall quality of the phone should be taken into consideration along with its brand. See if the phone has all the required features that you are looking for. Buying a phone you care about will ensure that you don’t get careless when it comes to taking care of it in your day-to-day use. So be sure to research well to find the right phone for you before you spend money buying it.

Protect Your Phone With a Case

You will surely feel horrible if your prized phone gets knocked about and as a result gets some scratches. Slap a case on your phone to protect it from getting any nasty scratches or bumps resulting from falls. This way your phone will continue to look sharp for a long time. A dropped phone may get a broken glass display or even damage to its internal parts. A case or a screen protector is an easy way to prevent such damage. Visit Arc Tech and Mobile to find the case that suits your needs when you own branded phones such as Samsung or Apple.

Keep the Phone in a Secure Place When Not Using It

When you are not using the phone or charging it, you must make sure to store it safely so it won’t get knocked around or stepped on by mistake. So it is a good idea to keep it somewhere out of the way such as inside a cabinet, on a bookshelf, or a desk. It is better to keep it in the same spot regularly so it will be easier for you to find it. If you want to place your phone inside a purse or a container for a longer period, make sure that it is turned off.

Also, remember to not charge your phone inside a closed container as it increases the risk of fire and decreases the phone’s lifespan. This is because Li-ion batteries, which most phones use these days, give off quite a bit of heat while they are being charged. Never use cheap chargers or accessories, as these might shorten your phone’s lifespan or cause significant damage. Opt for genuine accessories and chargers instead.

Keep Your Phone Dry and Clean It Regularly

It is important that you keep your phone dry and away from liquids. Avoid eating or drinking near the phone or using it while you are out in the rain. Practice extra caution while carrying the phone if you are near any bodies of water such as a pond, lake, or beach.

During the pandemic, it is important to clean your phone well; use alcohol wipes or tissue paper to clean the exterior surface of the phone. You must not let moisture build up on your phone, so avoid using baby wipes or any other water-based cleaners.

Follow a Particular Schedule to Recharge Your Phone

How often a phone needs to be charged largely depends on how much you use it and how well you maintain it. Some phones need to be charged every day while others can last a few days on a single charge. Taking photos or constant app use will drain the batteries of your phone quicker.

It’s a good idea to keep your phone’s battery percentage between 40%-70% to ensure your battery lasts longer. Also, don’t charge it too often; plug it in only when it runs low on juice and unplug it as soon as the charging is done.

Follow Cell Phone Etiquettes

When you are out in a public place such as a work meeting or attending a lecture or a class, you need to keep your ringer off. Your phone ringing in public might cause discomfort to others so it is generally polite to keep it on silent, even in occasional outings such as going to church, watching a movie in a theater, or studying in a library.

Switching the ringer off beforehand will enable you to avoid the awkward moment of your phone ringing in a very quiet environment and you having to make a frantic attempt to silence the phone. This might even lead to you accidentally dropping the phone on the floor, causing significant damage to it. Most phones now come equipped with airplane mode which will prevent unwanted calls and notifications.

Protect the Phone From Theft

The easiest way to prevent your phone from getting stolen is to never let it out of your sight. You must keep an eye on it all the time. It is best not to lend your phone to someone else, as they may accidentally drop it. Many phone companies offer theft shutdown services that allow you to shut down the phone if it gets stolen. You can activate this software and use it if your phone does get stolen or lose it.

We use or carry our phones for most of the day. So it’s best if you buy it and use it with care. Use your phone responsibly to ensure it stays working for a long time.

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