GOQii Smart Wristband Review GOQii Smart Wristband Review

GOQii Smart Fitness Wristband Review: Your personal health coach

People are becoming more health-conscious these days or let’s just say it could be the effect of increasing fashion and style culture of wearing smart fitness bands, which keep track of their physical activities and recommend tips to stay fit and healthy.

Nowadays, when most of us spend our entire day sitting at our desks in front of our computers or mobile devices, these fitness trackers encourage us to exercise more and stay fit by giving real-time data.

We see GOQii as a game changer in super crowded fitness wearable market with its unique coach feature. We recently purchased GOQii smartband for Rs. 1,999 in Indian market that comes with free two-month coach facility subscription. It comes inside the square box alongside user manual, USB charging cradle and activation code.

GOQii Smart Wristband Review

Getting Started

We have been using it for about a month now. Before getting started with the band, you need to download the GOQii app on your smartphone. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Connecting the band with the app is not a challenge, though, you will have a user guide in case you need any assistance. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and you will see GOQii band in devices available to pair in the scan list.

Upon opening the app, it will get you detailed instructions for creating your profile, follow the instructions to setup your personalized profile. In the event of creating a new account, you can connect your Facebook or Gmail account. Initially, it will ask for details like your gender, age, body weight, height, etc. The band comes with 360-degree motion tracking sensors. So you can see your steps count, calories burnt, kilometres walked, and karma points after syncing the GOQii band with the app.

GOQii Smart Wristband Review


Operating the band is quite comfortable. Initially, tapping on the screen shows time, date and battery status. Onwards, it moves to the second screen to show steps count. Additionally, you can see how long you have been active for that particular day.

Tapping again shows how much you have walked, measured in kilometres or miles (you can set the metric units according to your preference through the app), and then calories burnt, and the last is for Karma. It is a unique point scheme where you earn 1 karma point for every 390 steps you walk. GOQii Life is associated with multiple donor partners who convert these karma points into the actual money. They have a list of causes to choose from so that you can donate your points.GOQii Smart Wristband Review

As per our understanding, the philosophy behind this initiative could be the concept of encouraging users to walk more for their health and also to contribute more to social causes. Apparently, it made us walk more so we can add more Karma points to the causes. Well, regardless of what it is, the initiative is great! You can see a detailed information on the app and log data about your food/water intake, sleep, karma points, and messages from the coach assigned.


Speaking of highlighted feature of the GOQii Band — live coaching, which makes a difference and stands it out among the existing fitness bands in the market. GOQii has a team of trained professional advisers who keep an eye on your activities through your daily targets and data logged by you manually. You constantly get checked on provided data and suggestions to set goals, good workouts, and healthy eating and sleeping habits.

GOQii Smart Wristband Review

Considering our case, as soon as we activated our account, we got instant ping from our coach. We scheduled a call, and our coach pushed us to set new targets, workouts and also helped in understanding band’s setting and technicalities correctly. Also, we kept receiving regular massages from our coach, which eventually kept us motivated enough to do the workout on a regular basis.

Live Coach

However, you need to log your food and water intake manually, but a small description and a picture of what you are having serves the purpose. You don’t need to be bothered about your calories consumption and meal details since you are being monitored by GOQii’s professionals, and they will do their job. You cannot judge this service based on your experience with your assigned coach as experience may differ, and you can always change your mentor. However, the coaching facility comes at a cost.

GOQii Smart Wristband Review

If you do not opt-in for this facility, you can still use it and keep a record of your health but no one will assist you. Fair enough! During our usage, we found it quite accurate regarding steps counted while walking or jogging. However, similar to other fitness bands, GOQii band also depends on wrist movement to calculate the distance you have covered.

While driving, even if you do not take any steps, it tracks the movement and converts that into steps and creates false data. Hence, it is advisable to remove band while driving. Considering the battery backup, we got around 7-8 days of usage despite having some juice left, but then, it won’t connect with the app. It takes about an entire week to discharge entirely and around 3 hours to fully charge it again, and we face no issues with the battery consumption and charging.

GOQii Smart Wristband Review


  • The comfortable built makes it 24×7 wearable. The display also shows time so you can alternatively use it as a smartwatch, even if your subscription expires.
  • You get professional coaches for fitness guide.
  • The GOQii Band is sweat, dust, and water resistant. Don’t get confused as the band is not waterproof, meaning it can take a few splashes, but you can’t go for a swim or take a shower with the smartband up on your wrist.
  • Karma points to encourage you to pull up socks.


  • It cannot sense our sleep activity automatically. One needs to log sleep data manually. Also, if you want to set an alarm or adjust time/date, it is possible through the app only.
  • No USB wall socket charger included.
  • Swimming activities cannot be tracked as it is not entirely waterproof.

GOQii Smart Wristband Review

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Price & Availability


The GOQii band is available to buy online on Flipkart for Rs. 1,999 for band only and Rs. 2,333 with three months’ plan. If you want to opt-in for a 6-month subscription plan, it costs Rs. 3,499. Similarly, the annual subscription costs Rs. 11,999. It is merely equivalent to spending the extra cash on the coaching facility instead of device-only.

The Verdict

If you are totally a fitness freak and need a person who keeps you motivated to exercise, eat healthy, and improve upon healthy habits, then the subscription is worth your hard-earned cash. If not, there is no point spending Rs. 11,000 for health checks and advice as they will be of no use for you! Join the gym instead. However, using the GOQii band without subscription makes it lucrative and economical choice among other existing options in the market.

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