Google working on Brillo a new OS for ‘Internet of Things’

Mountain View, CA Google Inc. [NASDAQ: GOOG] is working on a new Operating System codenamed ‘Brillo’ targeting Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Brillo would be extremely light-weight and will be able to work on only 64 or 32 megabytes of RAM. Google’s other ubiquitous mobile flavored OS Android presently needs a minimum of 512 megabytes of memory. Keeping the memory requirement low is a crucial factor in developing IoT.

Brillo is expected to be free of any built-in application or bloatware. Apps developers will be encouraged to develop apps on top of Brillo. Brillo will be part of Android family as the group working on Brillo is part of the Android group.

Currently, Brillo is being developed to target smart home connected devices. In the future, Brillo can be extended to all devices such as smart cars, smart bulbs, smart refrigerators, etc. Google is looking at a huge opportunity as more and more connected devices are introduced the market is going to expand.

Companies are now focusing on Internet of Things, a new phenomenon that target to make all devices used in household and offices connected to the internet all times. Gartner Inc. expects that there will be more than 26 billion connected devices on IoT by 2020.

Google may make an announcement about Brillo at its developer conference Google I/O 2015 starting next week in San Francisco.

Internet of Things as a concept is still floating as there is no framework in place. IoT is probably the next big thing in the technology world, and major technology corporations are investing in IoT.

Samsung invested $200 million in buying IoT startup SmartThings and has formed an alliance called Open Interconnect Consortium with Intel, HP and Cisco to create IoT consortium. Microsoft has formed another consortium with Qualcomm, Sony and LG for IoT dubbed as AllSeen Alliance.