Google Wallet Bridges the Gap to Apple Wallet with Expanded Digital ID Capabilities


In a significant leap towards digital ID functionality, Google Wallet has broadened its support to include driver’s licenses and state IDs from four US states: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, and Maryland​. This development comes after Apple Wallet had already established this feature, indicating a catching-up move on Google’s part. The expansion was initiated last year with Maryland being the first state to onboard this feature on Google Wallet, and the recent addition of the three states has aligned Google Wallet with Apple Wallet in terms of the states supported for digital IDs​.

Key Highlights:

  • Google Wallet now supports digital IDs from four US states, mirroring Apple Wallet’s support.
  • The addition of digital IDs facilitates smoother transactions at select TSA checkpoints.
  • Nearly 30 states are reportedly planning to roll out support for mobile digital ID systems.


The digital ID feature in Google Wallet was rolled out as part of an update, where users can add their state ID or driver’s license to ease the process at TSA checkpoint procedures in certain airports​. The user-friendly setup involves taking photos of the front and back of the ID, alongside a short verification video which gets sent to the ID issuer for validation​. Post verification, these digital IDs can be read via NFC or by having the QR code scanned, notably at some airports by the TSA, though it’s still recommended to carry a physical ID during this phase of the rollout​.

The introduction of digital IDs in Google Wallet not only enhances user convenience but also positions Google Wallet on a competitive footing with Apple Wallet. This feature allows a more seamless interaction with official checkpoints, and by extending this support, Google Wallet is gradually building its ecosystem to offer a more comprehensive digital wallet experience. This is reflective of a broader industry trend where digital wallets are evolving beyond mere payment solutions to become hubs for personal credentials.

The recent update underscores Google Wallet’s commitment to providing a streamlined, secure, and user-centric platform for managing not only financial transactions but also official identification documents. With digital IDs becoming increasingly relevant in modern-day transactions and verifications, this expanded functionality marks a noteworthy endeavor in Google Wallet’s journey towards becoming a holistic digital wallet solution. This alignment with Apple Wallet’s digital ID capabilities signifies a promising trend in the mobile wallet domain, underscoring the evolving competitive dynamics and user-centric innovations in this space.

Google Wallet has made strides in bridging the functional gap with Apple Wallet by extending support for digital IDs to residents of four US states. This move is not only a leap towards enhanced user convenience but also a step forward in the competitive digital wallet landscape, providing a comparable service to Apple Wallet’s digital ID feature.

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