Google updated Hangouts 2.5.0 for iOS with more features than the Android version

Google Hangouts has launched an upgraded version of the application for iOS users this month. A similar upgrade was launched exclusively for Android users the previous month.

Google had promised that it would soon introduce a new version of the Google hangouts for iPhone users after it introduced one for Android phones. The company was seen to fulfill its promise as it launched a new Google hangouts for the iOS.

With this upgrade, Google has added a host of new features to its online video chat platform. The 2.5.0 update for the iOS probably offers much more than its equivalent update for the Android OS last month. Analysts tagged the iOS version to be “smarter” than the Android version. To name a few differences, the iOS version provides its users several new stickers to share while chatting. Apart from this, another attractive feature, which Google has added is the Google voice integration.

In addition to the above features, the 2.5.0 update is also capable of making some smart sharing suggestions to the users. For instance, during a chat, if a person is asked his location, the app detects the location automatically for them. The person can then share the detected location with the other person with a single click.

Along with major improvements to the video call experience, it also allows users to set a status message. This feature resembles that of the text message service Whatsapp. In addition, Google hangouts will also show the last seen on a person’s account just like in Whatsapp. The company has also tried to sync the app with other Google platforms, allowing users to access voice and text messages via their Google Account.

The 2.5.0 version of Google hangouts is available at the Apple iStore. It is compatible with devices supporting iOS 7.0 or higher versions.

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