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Google Unveils New Carousel Rich Result for Enhanced Search Experience

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Google has recently introduced a new Carousel Rich Result feature, marking a significant enhancement in how users interact with search results for travel, local, and shopping queries. This update is part of Google’s efforts to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the European Economic Area (EEA), aiming to provide more visual and entity-focused results that benefit both users and businesses.

Key Highlights:

  • The Carousel Rich Result is designed for travel, local, and shopping queries.
  • It showcases aggregators and suppliers, featuring price, rating, and images.
  • Initially, this feature is being tested in Germany, France, Czechia, and the UK.
  • Google has also introduced new aggregator units and refinement chips for improved search refinement.
  • The feature leverages structured data on web pages, with a fallback to standard text results in its absence.

rich result

Understanding the New Carousel Rich Result

Google’s latest update introduces a carousel format that displays rich results for website aggregators and suppliers. This format is specifically designed to enhance the visibility and accessibility of travel, local, and shopping information. Each card within the carousel can contain key details such as price, rating, and images, offering a quick and informative snapshot to users. This new carousel is part of a suite of changes including aggregator units and refinement chips, aimed at refining and enhancing the search experience in response to the DMA requirements.

The Impact on Search Experience

The introduction of Carousel Rich Results, along with aggregator units and refinement chips, represents Google’s commitment to enriching the search experience. For users, this means a more visual and interactive way of discovering information, with the ability to easily compare options and make informed decisions. For publishers, aggregators, and suppliers, it offers an opportunity to increase visibility and reach potential customers more effectively.

Availability and Testing

The Carousel Rich Result feature is initially being rolled out for testing in select European countries: Germany, France, Czechia, and the UK. This phased approach allows Google to gauge the effectiveness of the feature and make necessary adjustments before a wider release. It is crucial for businesses operating in these regions to be aware of these changes, as they could significantly impact how their services are presented and discovered through Google Search.

Preparing for the New Search Experiences

Businesses and webmasters should prepare for these changes by ensuring their websites’ structured data is correctly implemented. This not only facilitates compatibility with the new Carousel Rich Results but also enhances the overall visibility and effectiveness of their listings in Google Search. Google has provided documentation and tools for testing structured data, helping publishers to seamlessly transition to these new search experiences.


Google’s introduction of the new Carousel Rich Result feature represents a significant evolution in the search experience, emphasizing visual, interactive elements that benefit both users and businesses. As this feature is tested and refined, it will be interesting to see how it shapes the future of search and online discovery. With a focus on enhancing information accessibility and visibility, Google continues to adapt its search ecosystem to meet the changing needs and expectations of its global user base.