Google Trips is a personalized travel guide for modern day travelers

Google has announced a new app specifically created for travelers simply called Trips. The app will soon be made available on Android as well as iOS.

It essentially serves the modern day traveler and acts as a travel guide and itinerary planner, offering all the necessary information required when traveling such as information regarding flight and hotel reservations. In addition, it makes personalized recommendations based on your Google search.

Google Trips Features

Another highlight of the app is its ability to work offline. As travelers can download everything on their smartphones including maps and walking directions, before they embark on their vacation.

“Google Trips is a personalized tour guide in your pocket. Each trip contains key categories of information, including day plans, reservations, things to do, food & drink, and more, so you have everything you need at your fingertips. The entire app is available offline — simply tap the “Download” button under each trip to save it to your phone,” writes Google in an official blogpost.

How to use Google Trips?

To use Trips, users are required to log in with Google account. Once you’re logged in, Google lists your previous trips along with your upcoming travel plans. According to Google, the app automatically curates the most popular sites, local attractions and more based on recommendations made by other travelers. In addition, it also allows you to plan your day depending on your preferences, likes, and dislikes.

“Keeping track of all your flight, hotel, car and restaurant reservations when you travel can be tough. With Google Trips, all your travel reservations are automatically gathered from Gmail and organized for you into individual trips, so you don’t have to search and dig up those emails. They’re waiting for you within the reservations tile, even without WiFi”, Google further adds in the blog post.

The Reservations tab organizes your flight, hotel information, or any taxi reservations you’ve made. While the “Need to Know” tab offers useful information such how to get from the airport to city’s attractions, information about local currency rates, and what actions to take in case of an emergency.