Google to stop sales of Glass from Monday, shuts down Explorer program

Google is withdrawing Google Glass from sale in the markets, with a promise of introducing an upgrade by the end of the year. Critics see a high hint of controversy in the statement. On the one hand, Google is claiming that the Glass is going to come with an up-gradation, and, on the other hand, it is withdrawing the device from sales. Clearly, the withdrawal proves that the company is not willing to accept that the Google Glass failed to be a hit with people.

Google said that the Google Glass would no longer be available for sale from Monday. Until now, the ‘Explorer’ edition of the product was available for $1,500, which came with high tech specifications. Google also said that the company is working on a new version of the Glass under a new project manager, Tony Fadell from Nest. The new version is anticipated to come out later in 2015.

Google Glass, contradictory to becoming popular with people, caused its users to become an object of ridicule. Users were unaccepted in public places, like bars and restaurants, and were often rushed out if they insisted on keeping their Glasses on. The Glass certainly did make them stand out of the crowd as did nothing less to make them look like cyborgs with its design. Even shows like “Daily Show” began to make a joke on the product and the people wearing it.

Google did not make a wise decision in coming up with a wearable device that served little purpose other than making users be a subject to ridicule. On the other hand, Apple chose a fashionable look when it launched its AppleWatch. Also, the Glass lasted for only 45 minutes on a single charge while Apple’s smartwatch does not need to be charge every night. Critics continue to hunt for the reason Google chose to the no-purpose device.