Google Inc. is planning to re-enter China through its Chinese version Play Store, after a leap of 5 years says report. A spokesperson from the company has been heard uttering that Google is constantly striving to get Chinese Government approval to carry out this enterprise of launching China version Google Play store in their kingdom.

The company agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the country’s Government and shun all those apps that the Government might find objectionable.

Reportedly, this newer Play store will run only on the Android devices that have got recently revealed ‘M’ version and that fulfills the requirements of Chinese IT ministry.

Google for this is also making a step to offer incentives to phone manufacturers so that they can upgrade their Android devices to the latest version of OS.

Furthermore, Google is seeking to add support for a newer Android version that could run wearable devices too in China.

As per multiple reports, Google is looking forward to the launch of the mobile handsets especially for Chinese markets that would have inbuilt china-supported Google Play.

Various reports that have been drafted about Google hold that the company is trying at its level best to make Chinese version mobile handsets available in the markets of China as soon as possible.

However, it’s still doubtful whether or not the company will be able to launch it by the end of this fall for it is still seeking for the approval of Chinese Government or authorities for the same.

Hopefully, the tech giant Google will be successful in conquering Chinese people’s hearts and engulf a good space in their mobile phones with lots of its apps.