A few weeks back we heard that Google is working on Search Lite app that is aimed at regions with slow or poor internet connectivity as the app will use fewer data to speed up the loading speeds. Now the app has been updated to a V0.2 version with few changes and minor tweaks. The new version brings new layout that looks fresh, and few icons have been re-arranged a bit and added new icons.

The biggest new change is the new background image; Google logo is now a bit bold, slightly different sizes for icons and a new menu. Google has removed the Nearby and top sites section and added YouTube, while the personalize section is still there, it is just being moved to top left menu. The new YouTube shortcut will work with any YouTube app that you are currently using, to save data, better stick to YouTube Go. While the nearby and top news section was the least used of all, so not a major disappointment. Even though you might not be from an area or region with slow internet speeds, you can still try out the Google Search Lite Apk to save some data or just have the experience.

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