Google has rolled out the latest update for its news feed features for iOS and Android users which give it Facebook feed-like appearance. This allows users to discover many topics in the news feed section of Google app, as this news feed uses the latest machine learning algorithm which is perfectly synchronized to give the best result to the interested users. However, this most recent update is only available to the US audience and may be rolled out to international users in a couple of days.

The new Google app allows users to enable an easy way to follow topics and can now follow a particular topic right from the search results. For every search result, there will be a new ‘Follow’ button. Once users tap on it, they will start receiving updates and stories about that topic in your Google feed.

This button will be available for only certain types of search results such as

  • Movies.
  • Sports teams.
  • Music bands.
  • Artists.
  • Celebrities.

Google Feed

As the Google app developers take great pain to generate this machine learning algorithm which learns users behavior and interest pattern over a period. For example, if a person has the interest to know about technology updates, the feed will show users a tech related content more often. Further, the algorithm, this time executes in a smarter way, as it takes users browsing behavior and search pattern into the account over a certain period of time.

There is another feature which the Google app adhere, is to tackle the issue of fake news. For news stories with multiple viewpoints, now users will be able to check the authenticity of a particular article. This is done by placing user interests on a header top of every card, it actually makes the related searches easier.