Google’s Gboard, the popular keyboard app from tech giant Google which has been integrated with essential services like Google Search and other features, is being upgraded with some new features and Google is reported to roll out the updated version from today. As declared by the search engine giant, Google has released an updated version for its Gboard keyboard application to the iOS users, while android users need to wait a little longer to get the new version of the app.

With a handful of notable new features and key services from Google, including the integration YouTube, Google Maps, and Doodling, the new version of Gboard app will allow its users to share their location with relatives and friends, or with any other address, directly from the Gboard keyboard. Moreover, it will also enable users to search and share YouTube videos without separately launching the YouTube app.


As Google has announced, with this new update, users can share their locations with others and for this, users need to click the “G” button, located in the top-left angle of the keyboard’s interface, and followed by the tap on Maps and sharing their current location with others will be accomplished. Likewise, the new addition of YouTube feature will let users search and share any YouTube videos with friends and family directly from the Gboard app. It also features a new “Ink” tab, clicking on which will let users sketch their masterpiece art to share with their contacts.


With the support for three new languages including Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi, the new version of the Gboard keyboard will also allow users to search on Google and share the search results with contacts without leaving their current app. For now, the updated version of the app is available on the iTunes App Store for free download and soon will hit the OS of Android.

Download the App from AppStore.