Google expands its ‘Chromebox’ portfolio with new players

When company operations are spread across geographies, communication among employees is very crucial. Although, industry champions are finding cost effective ways to commune. Until then, people will travel. What if this distance in miles is reduced to zero, certainly it will save financial resources, and most importantly – time.

This is where tools like Google Chromebox find their potent use. The device offers video conferencing meeting experience that businesses truly need — boardroom-quality, multi-party video, combined with smoothly synched audio are some of the highlights that the company promises to its users.

So if we say, a new threat to the travel industry is taking shape, you will not find our statement as a bit of exaggeration. Already the markets have prominent low cost and face-to-face video conferencing options such as, Microsoft’s ‘Skype’, Apple’s ‘Face Time’ and Google’s ‘Hangout’ to choose. Nevertheless, online search giant’s ‘Google Chromebox’ will alter the market dynamics.

Google Chromebox is a four component bundled video conferencing gear that includes a hardware constituent with Intel i7 processor, a 1080 p HD camera, combine speaker and microphone and an RF remote control.

HP Chromebox

Interestingly the Chromebox will employ Google Hangout’s free chat technology to connect up to 15 live face-to-face video streams thereby transforming into a unified communication platform. The American Internet behemoth will even co-produce the gear with ASUS, DELL, and Hewlett-Packard.

The Google Chromebox gear is priced modestly at $999, which also includes an initial management fee, and the service can be renewed by paying $ 250 extra every year.

Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Product Management, Google, said that the system was designed and is used internally at Google. “We’ve found that this works quite well for Google, and we’re happy to bring this to other companies,” – He added.

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