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Google releases QWERTY Gboard for iPhone users with search and GIF

Google has designed a keyboard app for iPhone users. ‘Gboard’ is apparently a keyboard which has the ability to power searches within the app itself.

In addition, it also lets you find emoji and GIFs within its interface. Launched on Thursday, users are already labelling Gboard as interesting and nifty.

Even though Google already owns Android, the search giant never fails to render interesting apps for the iOS users.

Gboard is free for downloading and users & reviewers are loving the swiping tech feature. The keyboard spells out convenience for the iPhone users and being a 3rd party app, it installs like one.

Users with 3rd party apps will be familiar with the installation process.

So, the top left corner of the keyboard shows the Google Logo which is probably the ‘go-to’ button here. Pressing the logo button helps you search on different topics.

After you enter the search keywords, you just need to click on a search result to copy the info and forward the same, and all of this takes place within Gboard’s interface. You can use these features as and when you are using the keyboard.

Suppose, you need to share info regarding a movie. Press the logo, type in the query, shortlist a search result and that’s it. It is remarkable; Google has actually embedded its search engine within a keyboard.

And you can ‘search’ GIFs as well. All thanks to a smiley face situated next to the spacebar. Pressing the smiley face will initiate GIF search across Popular sites Giphy and Tumblr.

Well, coming back to the basics. The typing experience is nice and the swipe feature is an absolute delight.

As of now, various third-party keyboard apps also offer interesting features but a search engine within the keyboard- This is new and unique.