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Google Play Store gets a New Visual Look

Google has announced recently that its Play Store has been revamped and now is available with an appealing look. The company has said that they have made changes to the Play Store to make it look clean and neat. They have also ensured that the apps are very easy to navigate and find. There have been many changes that have been brought in the Google Play Store and it remains to be seen if the Android users like the new visual look of the phone or not.

What is the Major Change?

One of the most striking differences that you get to see in the revamped Google Play Store is that there is importance given to sections like games and apps. Google has taken a leaf out of Apple’s playbook to come out with this distinct section. The Music tab that was seen on the top-level navigation is not there anymore. This might be due to the changes that Google is looking to bring in to their other popular apps YouTube Music and Google Play Music.

Revamped Play Store has Apple’s Influence

The new revamped look of the Google Play Store has not seen any remarkable changes in the material design that the company is accustomed to, but it has a lot more of Apple influence than before. The main thing is that the Play Store layout has become brighter, cleaner and whiter and this is what you get to see in the app detailed page layouts as well. The Play Store has categorized the apps and games earlier as well, but they had been one among the navigational element and placed on top of the main page. The new visual look will have the main navigation option located at the bottom of the screen instead of the top. This is what you see when you get access to the homepage of the iOS App Store.

The navigation is now condensed into 4 categories, Movies & TV, Books, Apps, and Games. The music tab is no more available.

Once you click the games or the apps section, you will get to look at other sections that include “For You” option, which is Google’s personalized content, Top Charts, and many more other regular options. The earlier sections of the Google Play Store like the New, Events, Premium, etc. are there, but they have been moved inside the new tabs. They are not anymore part of the navigation bar that is seen on the Play store’s home page. If you cannot find the poker apps you want, then you can very well visit the online video poker site using your mobiles to get access to a wide variety of tiles and find the eons that meet your tastes and preferences.

The Chosen App Page Layout

Once a user is interested in any app or game that he finds on the Google Play Store main page, he needs to just tap on it. The app information that any user now gets on the app’s details page is richer and holds all necessary details right at the top of the app page. The ‘call for action’ button like install is a bigger one than what you had seen previously. This new update made in the Google Play store is also very much similar to what user of Apple Store experience. Here too, the specifics of the app or the game like the age, rating, etc. are placed on top of the app’s details page.

The icon system has also been redefined and they now come as rounded square shape and are also uniform. There is no doubt that the redesigned and the rejigged Google Play Store is sure to find a lot of likes from Android users.

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