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Google Play Services 5.0 offers Android Wear apps on Play Store

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Search Giant Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has made available its updated Google Play Services framework for Android devices named Google Play Services 5.0, which has an area of offering Android Wear applications for download.

The new service incorporates several APIs for all the core and a lot of third party applications. It is stacked with a few new functionalities, and support for the forthcoming Android L mobile operating system and Android Wear for wearables.

The company has recently updated several dynamic security elements in order to reflect the post-Heartbleed progressions to OpenSSL. It may be reviewed that Google had recently reported its own fork of OpenSSL to be known as BoringSSL. The service is expected to be a reality in the coming versions.

The two recent capabilities might be utilized by game developers in order to improve their applications. These capabilities will permit the game data to be spared to the cloud as it will permit end users to get started from where they cleared out off on the different devices they use.

Starting now the only Android Wear gadgets coming to India are the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch. These devices are among the first to receive the new Google software particularly made for wearable devices. The LG G Watch will be dispatched in India on July 8, followed by the Gear Live.

The App Indexing API will permit the developers to coordinate the substance of their applications into Google Search. Prior, the service was earlier accessible for the selected accomplices.

Google Play Services 5.0 is presently taken off noiselessly to guaranteed Android devices. The points of interest and access for developers might easily be found in the Android SDK Manager.