Google Play Music now available for Android and iOS users in India

Google Play Music is now available in India starting at Rs. 15 per track. During the Google for India event on September 27, Google didn’t make any announcements regarding the music store. However, the company confirmed the launch of the service on September 28.

Google launched the Google Play Music service in several countries in 2011. Even though the launch in India was rumored to occur in July 2016, the search engine took the time to announce the official release.

Google Play Music categorized into sections

If you look at the Google Play Music for India it is little more than a cross-platform store at this moment of time. You will find charts listing the top songs, albums including new releases.

Moreover, you will find a wide range of categories such as Best of Bollywood, Indian Pop Hits, For the Kids and International Music. You will find sections for regional languages like Tamil and Telugu.

Google Play Music enables fingerprint payment system

Like all other countries, it is possible to preview tracks and pay for them using the details or fingerprint associated with your Google account and Android device. However, Google Play Music doesn’t offer radio, unlimited streaming, podcasts, a family plan or even genre-based charts.

According to company sources, new features will be rolled out in a timely fashion. However, it enables you to upload up to 50,000 songs stored on your desktop via Chrome for streaming from the app. The Google Play Music is currently available on Android, iOS, and the web in India.

On September 27, Google launched YouTube Go and a new data-saving feature on Chrome. Moreover, the company announced that the Google Assistant included with Google Allo app will be refreshed with Hindi. The search giant is also planning to open public Wi-Fi to more places around the world.