Google Plans Youtube Gaming Hub To Take On Amazon’s Twitch

With giants like Facebook and Amazon foraying the Gaming Market, how can Google stay behind?
Google plans to be the front-runner by challenging Amazon’s twitch with its gaming website, ‘Youtube gaming’ this summer.

The Internet giant just lost the ‘Twitch’ deal to Amazon in one of the biggest negotiations in its 21-year history. The three-year-old company was offered a sum of $970 million, and Google just snarled and grunted.

Now, Google aims to venture into the game of thrones going online, for the number one spot, by providing the users with best online gaming experience.

Youtube product manager Alan Joyce has announced the advent of a whole new revolution which will make You tube the favourite gaming destination for all the game fanatics. The service will only be made available in US and UK in the initial phases.

With streaming speed of about 60 frames per second, Google promises high quality Gameplay with a facility to toggle between live stream and a youtube video with an automated conversion mechanism Packed with a whopping 25000 games, gamers will have a lot of options to choose from.

Thats not all, each page game will have a dedicated page with live streaming of their titles, recent videos and other information flashing along with, to help choose the one that pleases the eye of the gamer.

It will be a platform where the entire gaming community will play, chat, share and broadcast their game play in real-time, edified Alan in his blog.

Apart from the Youtube gaming app and website, there will be an application dedicated to the mobiles keeping in view the gamers who are on-the-go.

With Youtube gaming console, Google plans to make the most of the short-comings in Amazon’s Twitch app. Amazon’s Twitch TV app has recieved mixed reactions from the gaming fanatics.

Although the app allows them to play a game on the go, the streaming experience has bagged a 5 out of ten score. The app loading has been one of the major issues reported by the users on the App’s webstore.

While Twitch has had umpteen support from the likes of Microsoft and Sony at various levels, and the popularity has increased manifolds since the Amazon’s acquisition, Google may have a tough time marketing the product. But, one thing is for sure, everyone will try it once for sure, merely because it’s a Google product.

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