Google named as the world’s best company to work for the third year in a row

For the third year in succession, Google has been crowned the world’s best company to work. Google has secured this position in the annual ‘Worlds Best Multinational Workplaces List’ which ranks the top 25 global companies to work for. Software Developer, SAS Institute has obtained the second position and manufacturing firm WL Gore obtained the third position.

No Indian company has made into this list. The fourth position goes to Data Storage Company, NetApp and Mobile Communications Provider, Telefonica.

Interestingly, Microsoft is at the seventh position right after EMC Corporation, who has been ranked sixth.

Other in the top ten includes BBVA at eighth position, Monsanto at ninth and American Express at tenth position.

The ranking has been compiled by and consulting firm ‘Great Place to Work Institute.’

The analysis involves survey responses obtained from more than half a million employees at the World’s Best. The survey revealed that a spirit of amity is central to employee acuity.

The year’s best workplace represents operations across 47 different countries. They come from different commerce sectors including cosmetics and candy to computer software and chemicals.

Other companies also find a place in the list, and this includes from the retail, financial services and hospitality fields. The companies were selected on the basis of the following criteria –

  • Must have at least 5000 employees worldwide.
  • 40% of the workforce must be from the outside of the company’s home country.

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