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Google might introduce snore and cough detection feature in Android

Google could be working on a feature that will allow users of Android smartphones to detect snoring and coughing activities in their sleep. This has come to the fore post the detection of lines of code that form part of the installation file of the Google Health Studies app. All of this forms part of a study named ‘Sleep Audio Collection’ that is currently available on Android but only on the Pixel smartphone at the moment. Also, it is only Google employees that would be able to take part in the study.

The company made it amply clear in its guideline for those intending to take part in the study that it is going to be open to only full time employees of the company. Also, needless to say, the participant will be required to have an Android phone as well. The environmental condition that applies clearly mentions that the user can share his or her room with one adult sleeper at the most but he or she must not be working for a competing company.

Google is also said to include the cough and snore sensing features in a manner that won’t hamper the user’s privacy as all data collected will be processed and stored in the device itself. It is going to function as a sleep tracking feature that would monitor cough and snoring activities during sleep. However, it is not clear at the moment if the feature is only going to be exclusive to the Pixel range of smartphones or if the same would be available across all Android devices, or the high-end Android smartphone at least.