Google Maps Unveils Glanceable Directions for Seamless Navigation

Google maps update

Google Maps has introduced a significant update with its new “glanceable directions” feature, aimed at enhancing the user experience for navigation across Android and iOS platforms. This innovative feature is designed to make trip tracking more accessible and efficient by displaying directions and updated Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) directly on the lock screen or route overview.

Key Highlights:

  • Glanceable directions for walking, cycling, and driving modes.
  • Updated ETAs and turn-by-turn directions on the lock screen.
  • Available on Android and iOS, leveraging system notifications and Live Activities.
  • Automatic trip updates if the route changes.
  • Enhanced Immersive View for over 500 landmarks globally.

Google maps update

Introduction to Glanceable Directions

The glanceable directions feature represents a leap forward in Google Maps‘ offerings, providing users with the convenience of monitoring their trip progress without the need to unlock their phone. On Android devices, the feature utilizes standard system notifications, while on iOS, it integrates with the Live Activities function introduced in iOS 16.1. This capability ensures that users receive real-time updates on ETAs and navigation instructions directly on their lock screens, streamlining the navigation process and enhancing safety by reducing distractions​​​​.

Enhanced Navigation and Discovery

Alongside glanceable directions, Google Maps has also expanded its Immersive View to include more than 500 iconic landmarks around the world, such as Prague Castle and Sydney Harbour Bridge. This feature, powered by AI technology, offers users a multidimensional view of these landmarks, combining a vast collection of images to create a comprehensive perspective​​​​.

User Experience and Accessibility

The implementation of glanceable directions is poised to revolutionize how users interact with Google Maps, making navigation more intuitive and less intrusive. By allowing information to be accessible without full engagement with the device, Google Maps aims to facilitate a more focused and less distracted travel experience. Additionally, the expansion of Immersive View enriches the exploratory aspects of Google Maps, providing users with an engaging way to discover and plan visits to landmarks and cities around the globe.


The introduction of glanceable directions and the expansion of Immersive View underscore Google Maps’ commitment to enhancing user experience through innovation. These updates not only streamline the navigation process but also enrich the overall discovery experience within the app. By integrating advanced features directly onto users’ lock screens, Google Maps continues to set new standards in digital navigation tools, offering convenience, efficiency, and a deeper connection to the world’s wonders.

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