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Google Maps Lists: How to create and share a list of your favorite destinations

Google Maps Lists happens to be another interesting feature in Maps, which essentially lets you create a bucket list of places you’d want to visit. The new feature called Lists is available for both iOS and Android users. With Lists on Google Maps, you can create a bucket list of your favorite places such as tourist destinations, favorite diners or drive-ins, and much more. Moreover, you can even share this list with everyone or your close friends so even they get to see what you’ve been up to. And with everyone sharing and creating a bucket list of their favorite destinations, you get to know a lot about places you’re planning to visit.

As Google has so aptly put it, “Now that we’ve got the world mapped, it’s your turn to map your world with Lists—from local hotspots to bucket list destinations worlds away.”

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to create and share a list of your favorite places on Google Maps.

How to Use Google Maps Lists

To do so, just open Google Maps on your iOS or Android device and type the name of the place you’d want to add on the top Search bar, and then press Enter.

Next, on the bottom of the screen, just tap on the name of the place. By doing so, you’ll see options such as the name of the destination, ratings, address and other details, along with the option ‘Save.’ Once you hit Save, you’ll see default lists along with the ones you’ve created.

If you wish to add another place to your list, just follow the steps mentioned above. To create a new list, just head over to the bottom to find the option to add a place to the list.

Finally, to access the List you’ve created on Google Maps, open the app, and then tap on the hamburger menu, which you can find on the top left corner of the search bar. Then, tap on places. Next, tap on the ‘Saved’ tab.

How to share, delete and edit Lists

To edit list (add o delete a place), share, or remove the List, head over to Lists in your saved places and tap on the three dots on the right.

You’ll see options such as a private list, shared list along with a globe icon. Private list, as the name suggests shows a lock icon and signifies that only you can access the list. The Shared List shows a link icon and is accessible to users with whom you’ve shared the list. Finally, the globe icon signifies that the list you’ve created is public and accessible to everyone.

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