Google launches new site Android Experiments to encourage App developers

Amsterdam: Google has launched a new site titled as ‘Android Experiments’ which is dedicated to promoting and displaying projects developed through this mobile-linked platform. The experiments showcased in the gallery are offered to Google and aims to celebrate the experimental, creative work of developers.

The company intends to encourage developers to display their creativeness with code and technology. It also offers an open invitation to submit projects.

The developers can submit their projects that showcase a smart and innovative use for Android. They can get details of the requirements on the project submission page. Only the finest and unique submissions will get a place on the website, and will be featured on the Google Play Store. The Android Experiments expert team will evaluate the submissions, and decide the best submissions.

Google disclosed that it is searching for unique experiments that extend the limit of what is achievable on Android.

Currently, there are twenty projects listed on the website that were developed on platforms such as the Android SDK, IOIO board, Cinder, Unity, NDK and Android Wear.

All of the experiments displayed on the site are going to be open source, with code made obtainable on GitHub.

The twenty experimental apps are Grove, Tilt, Form Watch Face, Time Mesh, Tunnel Vision, Kintsukuroi, Landmarked, Boo!, Space Sketcher, Inkspace, Selfie X Selfie, Muzei, IOIO Plotter, Elements, Gaze Effect, IOIO Rover, Coubertin Rings, Carolina, Lip Swap, and Bouncing Isaac.

Prior to Android Experiments, the tech giant has launched three new experimental apps from its creative lab. These three apps are Lip Swap, Tunnel Vision and Landmarker.

Announcing the new site, Richard, Google Creative Lab and Roman Nurik, Design Advocate mentioned on the Android Developers blog that they are thrilled to introduce Android Experiments. It is a showcase of creative projects on Android and an open invite for all developers to develop and submit their experiments to the Google gallery.

The twenty initial experiments boasts an extensive range of inspiring apps from camera experiments to unique Android Wear apps to cutting-edge OpenGL demos to hardware hacks.