With data costs rising high, the need to save your precious data has also increased. Google has recently built a smart and stylish Android-based app that specializes in reducing data wastage. Datally is essentially a mobile data managing app that helps you monitor, save and grab the control of your overall data usage. This new app is designed to track and control background app data usage to help save you internet data and derive the most out of your Android device.

Datally helps you save up to 30% of the overall data being used by your phone. It controls the data limit on apps by looking through each and every phone installed on your device. The app periodically reminds you various ways to help cut down on the data usage by keeping a track of your daily activity over the phone. To save up your mobile data, Datally also suggests Wi-Fi networks connect with your phone so that you can save additional data while updating your apps or device through the Wi-Fi connection.

The big button located on the top of the application, helps you terminate all background data usage. This means that only the app that is currently onscreen shall be able to use the mobile data. Datally flaunts another feature which is a chat-head style bubble that pops up occasionally to help you analyze the amount of data being used at the exact moment. You can choose to cut down data supply for specific apps by opening Datally and restrict the data usage on an app by app basis.

Although most of the features in Datally are already present in any Android device, the app is constructed neatly with all the features at the same platform without the need to search for each and every features. Unlike any Android device settings, the features in Datally are much easier to locate and use. Datally shall be released as a segment of Google’s Next Billion Users Initiative. This initiative helps the users from countries that do not have widespread mobile connections to be able to use Google products in a better fashion. This is the prime reason for Google to focus on basic aspects of an Android device such as storage management and data usage. Datally while manages you data consumption efficiently, does not take up a huge space on your phone. The total size of this app is just 6MB.

“The idea for this app kicked in after watching people adapt numerous methods to save their data, especially in countries with expensive mobile plans”, said Josh Woodard, product manager for Datally. In cities like Delhi, Buenos Aires, and Lagos, Woodard’s team saw that people used to keep their phone in airplane mode most of the time to prevent loss of data through unwanted apps. To get the new information, people switched back from airplane mode and turned it off again once new info was received.

Datally has reached more than 500,000 users in the Philippines where the app was being tested during the summer this year. The app is now being released for use to the rest of the globe. The app can smoothly run on any device with Android 5.0 or higher. Although cutting off the background data shall stop incoming notifications or refreshed content but it might save you a lot of your mobile data bill. Datally can easily help you figure out the apps that consume most of your data and act on them accordingly.