Google launches country-specific tailored homepages of YouTube in Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Google, on Tuesday, announced the launch of country-specific tailored homepages for users who access the video-sharing portal from Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. A new customized homepage will be customized in Urdu, Nepali or Sinhalese languages and domains depending upon your location.

YouTube is already available in Sinhalese, Nepali, and Urdu languages since last few months. And now, with the launch of the new country specific homepage, YouTube will showcase content in a customized format with the popular trending videos and playlists showing up on the front.

The top watched content for the respective countries will now show up on the respective homepage. It includes Nai Nabhannu La 3 in Nepal, the Coke Studio channel in Pakistan and Amazing Spiderman in Sri Lanka.

With the launch of customized homepages, YouTube is hopeful of roping in more local talents, personalities and musicians to upload their creations and showcase their work before a large audience.

Moreover, the new homepages are designed to help viewers to track most relevant videos and discover content quickly in addition to giving more recognition for the creators.

With the addition of a new country-specific homepage, Google is hopeful of persuading Pakistan to lift the ban to provide local artists and companies a chance to showcase their content.

However, it remains to be seen whether the introduction of a localised version of the YouTube will compel the Government to lift the ban.