Google includes bundle of new features in latest Gboard Android Keyboard App

The much awaited Gboard update (V6.2) is finally here, and it is all that we wanted. Features such as cursor control, cut/copy/paste and adjustable dimensions options make it very exciting.

Keyboard cursor and cut/copy/paste

Wen you press the google logo on the Gboard app while typing in a text field, a text input button appears on the top row. Tapping it opens a screen with a set of options like navigate on all sides, select, select all, cut/copy/paste and delete. For years, users have been facing difficulty because of the lack of such clear options.

Without them users had to depend on their fingers to navigate among text and selecting to copy or paste. This is one of the things that had gone missing with the keypad generation. It is now safe to say that the Gboard is now completely user friendly.

Adjustable size

The keyboard can now also be moved and its size can be adjusted. As shown in the image below, a menu selects the keyboard so that it can be dragged to a position and the edges of the box enable a size adjustment.

So, if a part of your screen is damaged or is not functioning and you can not get it fixed, typing will no longer be an issue.

Lastly, Google has included GIF suggestions to Gboard. For example, if you type “Hi” and then hit enter, the app will suggest some “Hi?” themed GIFs to insert. It hasn’t incorporated a wide range of phrases, and no slangs are included but it does sound pretty cool.

The update seems very handy. Only time will tell how welcomed it is by the users. However, so far it looks like the updates make the whole typing experience much more comfortable.

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