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Google says thank you for helping raise €10 million for refugees & migrants in need

Google says thank you for helping raise €10 million for refugees & migrants in need

Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has posted a thank you message on Twitter after it achieved its goal of raising €10 million to help needy refugees and immigrants.

There has been a lot of positive feedback from the post. Most of the people have replied with statements pointing their willingness to help and their contentment with being part of the mission.

Google’s overall willingness to help has been of great influence especially by motivating others to give. However, not everyone was so happy about the immigrant situation.

One response stated that it would be better if the money had gone to a war-crime tribunal while another one felt that economic immigrants do not deserve such relief.

Despite the few negative remarks, the positive feedback was overwhelming.

The company has been in partnership with other organizations such as the International Rescue Committee, UNHCR and Doctors Without Borders among others to help out towards the good cause.

The funds will be used to help the refugees and immigrants who are in need. It is part of the company’s way of trying to help address the immigrant and refugee situation.

Every year, thousands of refugees flee their country and risk their lives especially in the case of refugees trying to flee Africa into Europe.

Some of them end up losing their lives in the dangerous voyage which most times involve using life rafts to cross over into Europe.

The number of people trying to flee their countries has also increased because of the harsh economic conditions facing their countries.

Google is now longer matching the donations, but the refugee situation has not been solved. The company is, therefore, urging people to keep on donating to the cause through its non-profit partners.

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