Google Feminist emojis promote gender equality at workplace

Google has recently come up with Feminist emojis which seems to be promoting gender equality at the workplace.

For those who didn’t know, there’s a Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, and it has approved 11 new emojis that Google designers had put forward to push for gender equality.

The professional emojis for women come in different skin tones. This implies that there will now be around 100 new combinations to show women in different careers.

This was done to protest against a “gender bias” in smartphones. The proposed emojis include a doctor, a chef, a software engineer, a teacher, and a Ziggy Stardust–inspired rock star.

Back in May when this was proposed by Google, the proposal said that this would empower women and reflect their roles in a better way (yes, defining roles is the right way to go about feminism).

The utopian dilemma of a modern feminist is fed by an illusion of abstract notions that barely scrape the toenail of any significance in the real world. While a major wing of Google focusses on reducing digital crime and encouraging the brightest minds of our time to reach undefined heights, another wing focusses on dealing with social issues in manners that some may define as punitively trivial.

Whatever the motive may be behind introducing these emoticons, this does add to the “fun” quotient of social media, upon which the entire entity is based.