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Google to expand its ultra-fast broadband service to six new U.S. cities

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Google is planning to extend its high-speed broadband to Charlotte, North Carolina. Although the company had not confirmed the news until Tuesday, Charlotte’s city officials had already shared the information publicly regarding the company’s next moves. The local media has published multiple reports on the matter, suggesting that the city officials are due to hold a meeting with the Chocolate Factory this week. The reports also say that Google will announce the introduction of Google Fiber in the region at the meeting.

As of now, Google provides its broadband service via the Google Fiber only to select U.S. cities. These are the Kansas City, TX, Austin, UT, Provo, and Mo. The Google broadband platform has been limited only these handful cities, but government officials have commented that the company will now expand the presence to Charlotte soon.

Apart from Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham also among the ones that the company had previously selected where it intended to spread the service. Google was due to make the announcement in July, but at the time, AT&T stepped up with its own plans ahead of Google. In July, AT&T launched its GigaPower fiber service in the destined regions, forcing Google to withdraw its plans for the time being. But now, Google has also named some more cities in which it would soon be spreading the Google Fiber platform.

Charlotte is home to as many as 792,800 people, and the bigger metro area has further more population of around 2.4 million. In addition, Raleigh-Durham houses three important universities, namely the Duke University, the North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

With this, Google’s ultra-fast Internet will spread across the Triangle area, offering the service to as many as seven municipalities there. Google’s broadband service provides people with 100 times faster Internet than a basic broadband connection.

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