Google to exhibit company’s Mobile First strategy in India

Google India has rolled out invites to witness one of its kind Google House in Mumbai on August 20. The event will highlight several Google products and their integration into users’ daily routine.

Google India will host an experimental walk-through of some of its predominant products such as Search, Chrome, Maps, Photos, Translate, and YouTube, etc.

The event will also witness celebrities like chef Kunal Kapur, fashion photographer Dabboo Ratnani and a few successful YouTubers to shed some light on Google’s key consumer product offerings.

While the handheld computing business has become mainstream alongside the sheer growth in Internet dominance, 41% of e-commerce today is driven through mobiles – Mary Meeker’s report states.

Considering the possibility out of the report, Google India will in this way likewise highlight Google’s Mobile first strategy in India and how its products consistently incorporate into India’s new Internet economy.

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced a huge leap by putting itself under its parent company – Alphabet Inc. as a subsidiary, and also officially confirmed Android 6.0 to be called Marshmallow yesterday.

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