Google+, the Social Media arm of the search giant Google has added a new feature Google+ Collections to its users to build content on basis of topics.

Topics selected could be on basis of featured topics already available or users can create the same based on their preferences. Google+ seems have been inspired by Pinterest which also features visual collections.

Google+ has announced Collections through a blog post. Collections is available now on Web and on Android app. It is expected that the iOS version of Collection to be launched soon.  For Android users the latest update needs to be downloaded to access the Collections feature.

Google+ Collections are basically a collection of posts mainly images or videos which are group together in a Collection. Collections will help users to organize a particular topic in more concise way at a place.

A user can create his own Collection or they can follow any existing Collections. Google has given access to beta version of the feature and some featured versions of Collections are Live and be accessed from here.

Users can define custom names and can also put a custom picture to define their Collections. Collections can be accessed from the Home button on the user profile.Google+ Collections

Clicking on the Collections button will open the Collections page. It will give you option to create your first Collection. A user will be prompted to name a Collection also an option to set the privacy of the Collections.

A Collection can be made Public, or visible to your own circle or it could be visible only to you. The option of setting the privacy is one time so a user has to be careful in selecting the same.Google+ Collections

Google+ automatically adds a background image to your Collection. You can customize the collection and can change the image as well as color theme of the Collection. You can add posts, texts, images, videos, polls and even events to your collections.

The published Collection will now appear on the Profile of a user and other users can follow the Collection.

Google+ Collections

The Posts from the collections would always appear in a user’s Home Stream. We checked out ourselves that our post in a new collection appears on top of our Home Stream.