Google chose HTC over Huawei for Pixel manufacturing, here’s why

Huawei has reportedly confirmed the main reason behind the refusal of the company to manufacture Google Pixel handsets. Google was adamant of the fact the manufacturing company should not emboss their logo or branding on the phone. This had caused problems between Google and Huawei. Subsequently, Huawei stepped out from the deal to manufacture Google Pixel paving the way for HTC.

Previously, there were reports that HTC was not the search engine giant’s choice for manufacturing the Google Pixel handsets. The recent revelation of the exact reason clearly justifies the previous reports.

Confirming the development, Huawei executive Colin Giles disclosed that Google’s demand for manufacturing phones without any branding was apparently a major turn off for the company. A few years ago, Huawei management had decided not to work like a contract shop for other companies who look forward to manufacturing new handsets. They realized that Google was looking for something like this and hence the deal never worked out.

The HTC-made Google Pixel and Pixel XL are not worse. As of writing this, we can’t confirm as to whether the phone, if manufactured by Huawei, will look same or different. It’s hard to guess since we don’t have any prototype of the phone built by Huawei.

Sometimes, the Pixel phones manufactured by Google could have exceeded expectations since the company is well known for integrating camera-centric features.

Interestingly, Huawei disclosed that the company is still a partner with Google. They will continue to collaborate with the company in future if the demands and requirements match their interests. According to analysts, the door is always open for the upcoming projects between both companies. It’s only a matter of time.