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Google working on Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality headset

Google’s augmented reality has been a matter of discussion for a while, now. The only VR technology from the giant that has seen the light of day is the Cardboard. As the name suggests, the device is made out of cardboard and isn’t quite what one would expect out of them.

Lately, new rumours have started floating that say that Google may have abandoned the idea of competing with Oculus and Rift in the domain, and started focussing on AR (Augmented Reality).

Theoretically, Google’s new headset will not need any kind of remote connection to operate. The device can have a slot where users can slip in an Android smartphone, like the Cardboard, but in a more advanced/subtle manner. There has been no word yet on the timeline in which this mysterious device could come to market.

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However, Google has plans to launch its Daydream Android platform for VR in the fall of this year, after giving a glimpse of it at the firm’s I/O conference in May. Google even revealed a sketch of the outline of a potential headset and what could be remote.

Rumours say that Google’s headset could be equipped for augmented reality. Currently, Microsoft’s Hololens is only available for the developers and is said to be in a very advanced stage. Several videos released by the developers and Microsoft have revealed exactly what it is capable of.

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To compete with Microsoft, the Alphabet Inc subsidiary has invested in Magic Leap, a startup that has been working on AR. The company hasn’t revealed much information about its product. However, it has applied for a patent for a portable device that is compatible with 3D imagery. This could be useful for both professionals and gamers.