Google Area 120 is a new startup initiative for Startups by Sundar Pichai

Google, in order to keep the competition within the wall of the company has decided to have an inside in-cubarater called ‘Area 120’. This new innovation is a brain child of Google new CEO, Sundar Pichai. Area 120 will not only look into giving employees a platform to work on their new ideas full time along with their job with Google as but will also keep the astray employees for looking for newer opportunities.

What makes this one of the finest ideas of Google is the fact that it will be in hold of coming up with new innovative startups and will not be losing its best mind in the competition.

Start-ups is the new trending thing in the Silicon Valley, and the fund is easily available for setting up the startup. Some start-ups see’s the better day and some does not but it has not been an adhering factor to stop it from seeing a rise.

The catch behind building ‘Area 120’ is to keep their employees intact with the firm and not let the wandering minds to be a competition in the coming time. One of the most prominent example can be of Kevin Systrom who was part of Google for two years before he started a startup Instagram which was later sold to Facebook.

Google is known for its work environment and the lucrative that it provides its employees for better growth. With this new approach Google will give its approval for letting employees to give 20% of its time to new project if this project is given the go to signal by Google. The team allotted for the new project will be allowed to work for the project for a certain period of time and then will have to present its idea in front of Google executive Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz.


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