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Google AdWords app for iPhone and iPad now available on App Store

Google AdWords app for iOS

Google has officially launched AdWords app for Apple iPhone and iPad. Launching the iOS app, Google said that it will be the first mobile application for the Apple devices. With the capability to view ads performance on the go, the Google AdWords app enables you to keep track of your ad campaigns from anywhere using iPhone or iPad.

Equipped with the provision to monitor campaign performances like clicks, CTR and CPC, the AdWords iOS app helps you to update bids and budgets in addition to fetching real-time alerts and notifications about the billing and ad status.

Moreover, you will be able to pause campaigns, change the daily budget, apply opportunities including the ability to adjust bids for ad groups or based on keywords.

Explaining the key features of the Google Adwords app, the AdWords team member at Google demonstrates the various functions included with the app with content in slides and also by adding pictures.

To improve the performance of campaigns, the AdWords iOS app automatically generates suggestions based on the context. As a user, you will be able to view the suggestions from within the app and also will be able to modify the settings of your account.

Terming the AdWords iOS app as a simplified companion to the desktop dashboard, Google has also provided a facility to establish contact with an expert product team member for quick resolution of queries from within the app.

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Displaying account-level performance data, the home screen dashboard of the Adwords iOS app enables you to view campaigns, ad groups, and keywords by swiping right from the far-left side of the screen. You can modify settings by tapping the navigation menu located at the top of the page.

To recall, Google had launched AdWords Express for iOS few months back for small business users, but it only provided a facility to manage campaigns for AdWords Express service customers.

The new Google AdWords app for iPhone and iPad is now available on the App Store. Google has more information on using the new AdWords app for iOS in its support documents here.

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