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Gigantic Black hole detected at the center of Milky Way Galaxy

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A monstrous black hole has been discovered by the scientists approximately at the center of the Milky Way which is said to be hiding inside a gigantic cloud of molecular gas. The humongous black hole is said to be 100,000 times bigger than the sun, and the scientists believe that this is a unique type of black hole that was hypothesized long ago but never been officially identified.

Intermediate-Mass Black Holes (IMBH) are termed as the missing link in the evolution of cosmic objects, and their discovery could help in explaining about the formation of super-massive black holes. According to a study published in Nature Anatomy, scientists led by Tomoharu Oka of Keio University, Japan have traced a new IMBH in the Milky Way. They saw a “peculiar” molecular cloud present close to the center of the Milky Way that showed some unusual and strange properties and these properties are said to be explained through the concept of gravitational kick” caused by an “invisible compact object with a mass of about 105 solar masses.”

By the use of Numerical simulations of the hidden body, the scientists have figured out that it is an IMBH which has stopped accumulating particles and attracting matter. If that hidden object is found to a black hole, then it will become the second largest black hole after Sagittarius A in the Milky Way, and also it would become the second IMBH found inside the Milky Way.

Scientists believe that discovering an IMBH will help them in knowing the properties of supermassive black holes that are expected to be billions of times larger than Sun and are supposed to be sitting at the center of some of the most massive galaxies. The team wrote that they were aware of the existence of these massive black holes, but they did not know about their origins. So the discovery of IMBHs will help them to know about how these super massive black holes get so big so quickly. Also, the researchers added that knowing more about IMBH will assist them to get more interesting facts about the universe and also how the IMBHs merge at the center of the galaxy to give rise to large black holes.