Giant 42-Feet Blue Whale Dies at Mumbai Beach After Long Struggle

A blue whale washed ashore on at the Revdanda beach close to Alibaug on and soon died, after efforts to push it back to the ocean failed.

The amazing 42-feet female whale was spotted in the shallow waters by some of the locals, following which they informed the authorities.

The blue whale is the largest animal in the world. The whale that washed ashore died after 20 hours of struggling the following day at around 4 am.

Sad enough, India is very less equipped to deal with situations like this, and the officials were equally confused on the sudden appearance of the mammal.

Giant blue whale

Government officials said that the officials reached the spot on June 24, 2015, at around 2 pm and tried their best to push the animal back in the waters, but couldn’t succeed. The whale was apparently too exhausted and crushed by its weight.

Experts believe that the whale may have an injury or disease, which made it stray too close to the coast, and with the high tide, it came to the shore.

After the mammal had passed away, two excavators had been called by the officials to dig a hole for burying the animal.

On the other side, many animal activists took to Twitter and Facebook to shame people around the whale, who were standing on the mammal and taking selfies on their phone.

This is for the second time that a whale has washed ashore around the Arabian Sea, which is known to be home for many species of the mammal.


  1. The blue whale might have been debilitated because of some disease or injury and washed ashore. There are records of blue whales washing ashore on the shores of Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea. India do not have infrastructure to deal with the situations arising on such occasions. The whale is Balaenoptera . What is the species. The present specimen is only 42 feet. Blue whales measure 74 – 98 feet.

  2. To save a blue whale one should have used shovels in hundreds and dig a large enough trench just beside the stranded whale instead of trying to push with some heavy engineering equipment …!!!! the report says “The district authorities, revenue and fisheries officials brought in JCB machines on Thursday morning and tried to push the whale into the waters, but all efforts proved futile,..” Just imagine the poor animal must be resting upon uneven surface and the weight of the body instead of being balance by upthrust of water was having pain equal to 20000 kgf = 20000*9.8 Newton over a small area of its body and must have been injured in the process! A trench only a large trench was required to be made just beside the blue whale and it could have been filled up with water by our fire fighters and filled with krill by the people instead of busying oneself taking selfie.


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